We believe a greener more efficient society is feasible.

Technology and innovation have improved humans' lives since the discovery of fire, only by pushing our limits we will learn to live in sync with the environment. 

As simple as that. 

This is the only "inspirational" quote you will hear from us. But it's also the very foundation that led to our actions.

Mathitech Engineering exists to push the boundaries of productivity by automating processes, optimizing workflows and easing management. 

More efficient industrial processes will bring more abundance for everyone. That's why we focused on streamlining complex actions. 

You think of a new product, we make sure it gets engineered and built as efficiently as possible.

As for our green heart: We identified transportation as the key component to reducing humans' footprint on the planet. This is the area that will benefit the most from a greener approach.

The most elegant and effective solutions often are the simplest ones. We directed our attention to what is already the most energy efficient transportation device humans conceived. Bicycles.

Mathitech Bikes designs and builds bicycles models for any possible application: road, sport, tourism, and electric bikes. 








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