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flexible and fast production
You think it, we make it
Mathitech develops industrial projects with flexibility and speed.
Business Units
We design, prototype and manufacture equipment for medical applications. We handle innovative instrumentation for applications in various areas of medicine.
We build your custom designs for mechatronic and automation machines. We cover mechanical, electronics and software development. OEM solutions.
We design mechanical, electrical and software solutions in accordance to your specifications and needs.
We design and build several models of bicycles (MTB, road, Tandem and special bikes) in materials ranging from titanium to carbon fiber, aluminum.
OUR mission
Dreams are worthless without the power of actions.

We believe a greener more efficient society is feasible. Technology and innovation have improved humans' lives since the discovery of fire, and only by pushing our limits we will learn to live in sync with the environment.
As simple as that.

This is the only "inspirational" quote you will hear from us. But it's also the very foundation that led to our actions.

Mathitech Engineering exists to push the boundaries of productivity by automating processes, optimizing workflows and easing management.

More efficient industrial processes will bring more abundance for everyone. That's why we focused on streamlining complex actions.

You think of a new product, we make sure it gets engineered and built as efficiently as possible.

As for our green heart: We identified transportation as the key component to reducing humans' footprint on the planet. This is the area that will benefit the most from a greener approach.

The most elegant and effective solutions often are the simplest ones. We directed our attention to what is already the most energy efficient transportation device humans conceived. Bicycles.

Mathitech Bikes designs and builds bicycles models for any possible application: road, sport, tourism, tandems, downhill... and electric bikes.
Company Timeline
Your Actions Define Who You Are
The Beginning
Within a space generously provided by Ing. Vidali, the eng. of Mathitech realize all the processes for the production of bicycle frames and components in titanium, carbon and titanium carbon.
The production now expands to aluminum frames.
Nanosatellites and Industrial Production
First applications of the acquired know-how to the industrial sector. Collaborations with Ansaldo, Eurospital and Synchrotron (Research Area).
We develop the department dedicated to design and custom consulting in the development of equipment and special machines. We evolve the production department in industrial terms. The company also embarks in the design and development of structures for nanosatellites (cubesat).
2007 - 2009
2007 - 2009
The CNC production department, quality control process, the welding processes and the assembly department, both mechanical and electronic grow exponentially, as well as the company's business (start of collaboration with Health Robotics).
The development and manufacture of special machines for the automation biomedical become one of the primary business of the company.
Mathitech d.o.o. is born
The company needs to replicate its production units and enhance its design department. Mathitech d.o.o. is born based in Sezana in Slovenia.
In the same year we work on the development of systems for e-mobility with electric bicycles.
2011 - 2014
2011 - 2014
Radiopharmaceutical, Assisted Reproduction and Genetic Manipulation
The company continues to develop and diversify its activities in the sector by implementing solutions in various fields. We are now completely able to design and build autonomously any solution required by customers.
We work independently on three major projects involving the field of radiopharmaceutical: see here MicroSynth, Innovative radiopharmaceuticals synthesis module. We also work in the assisted reproduction and genetic manipulation: SmartCell, fully programmable manipulation cell.
Besides the standard production bikes, we bring to market a proprietary line of electrically assisted bicycles.
At the same time we develop a support network linked to ecotourism mobility and cycling:
2015 - 2017
2015 - 2017
The activity expands further in ever wider fields of application, however, mainly focused on automation.
Argus, System Sensor, Tecna, SCEN, Novatec are among the clients we served.
New OEM markets focus in automation of the packaging sector.

Mathitech's core expertise encompasses biomedical engineering, automation, mobility and the development of special processes.

The Company has developed over time four major business lines:
  1. HealthCare automation
  2. Development of industrial projects
  3. Design and and support for OEM projects
  4. Research and development of solutions for sustainable mobility
Mathitech is an accelerator of opportunities for companies that require skills at the highest level in the development of automated systems and mechatronics.

We bring reliability, speed and convenience in advanced technological development projects by:
  • Transforming a concept into a product
  • Establishing OEM manufacturing lines according to customer's requirements
  • Bringing the production process to an industrial production scale.
Our know-how has developed a particular focus on the implementation of advanced automation solutions in the biomedical sector, for the automatic preparation of drugs, systems analysis, synthesis stations, home automation and machines for the active and passive physiotherapy.

We chose from the very beginning to have all the skills and resources in house to be able to realize in an immediate way the implemented technical solutions. As a result, flexibility and speed of implementation are Mathitech's key strength.
ADFR UNIT made by Mathitech

Alongside the mechatronic sector, Mathitech has a parallel high-skill activity in designing, producing and mainteining two-wheeled vehicles, in particular bicycles, electric bicycles, tandems and articles for mobility.

At Mathitech we live by an environmentally friendly development policy, involving both our business and our team, but also improving the relationship between man and the environment. We act on this principle by searching for new solutions, lobbying our green agenda to private or public institutions, communicating and implementing innovative proposals to the population.
Meet our team
The value of a well tuned team flies high above the sum of the individuals that compose it.
Chief Executive
Mario Chersi
Chief Manufacturing
Zdenka Lampe
Chief Accounting
Paolo Giribona
Healthcare Automation R&D
We love our clients
Our clients love us
Ivan Cudin
Analysis and Mechanical Engineering Department
Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.
Mathitec has been reliable suppliers for several years.
We have developed a number of projects providing them with drawings and verifying that the product produced was in conformity with specifications. Delivery times were always
respected. The company's quality control system is very good. The company is able to achieve not only precision machining, but also automatisms, curing also directly the realization of control circuits. In contracts in which was also required the development of the systems design, Mthitech has proven to be very Professional, developing according to our specifications and to our conceptual design efficient devices. The proposals of their technical department have proved always very ingenious and effective. The technical department has proved very serious, professional and it has always been easy evaluating jointly the priority aspects of the projects and jointly leading the technological development of devices.
Diego Bertocchiā€ˇ
Congratulations to all the staff of Mathitech, professionalism and passion into one reality. They are always one step ahead following innovation and continuous improvement.
Our entire team is always proud to be working with you.
Fabiano Nava
The collaboration between Novatec and Mathitech occurs between the typical customer and supplier relationship where Novatec commissioned specific work on their projects both in the field of sheet metal processing and for the production of parts and special equipment.
In this area we can definitely establish that the working relationship is positive toward flexibility and the ability of Mathitech to follow during the assembly phase where unexpected issues can occur. Mathitech has always been able to manage or correct any contingencies.
Deliveries are a "delicate" matter, which according to the commissioned work should be managed and improved as customer demands are very tight today.
Alessandro Gorella
Projects manager in Argus Security
We ordered a programming clamp stopping fire device in radio frequency. The clamp programming was designed, manufactured and tested by Mathitec, based on the provisions of our industrial engineering department.

A team of engineers and technicians after a first meeting with our staff, presented us with a 3D rendering of the equipment, illustrating the principles of operation, features, time and development costs.

The first meeting, was followed by a second in which we entered into the technical details, the pros and cons of a choice rather than another, and the definition of what later would be the way to go.
At this point Mathitech, after having presented a final draft, has started the construction of the equipment, keeping us constantly informed on the progress and interfacing with our technicians in case we would have needed improvements during construction.
Well within the term agreed the equipment was ready to go to a test of "big numbers" in order to simulate the real future operation.
This phase was important for the equipment set-up, and thanks to Mathitech's timing we had all the needed time to do it properly.
After delivery Mathitec was willing to assist us in the first period but the assistance was not needed as the the machine has been working from the first day without missing a beat.
One important thing, which sometimes people do not give importance to, is that we have been offered, as an option, the declaration of compliance for the equipment in question.
We decided not to do it because the equipment works at very low voltage, because it is purely manual (no automatic) and because the way Mathitec designed it had not the slightest risk to safety.
Professionalism, competence, courtesy and respect of the agreements were the backdrop of the project from the first meeting till the end of the project.